Finding missing plugins still a major annoyance

Here’s something that’s still really annoying in Cubase, and it’s still not sorted in Cubase 8, despite the improvements in Plugin Manager and the Search function.

You open up an old project. Various plugins are listed as missing (because your plugin collection has changed). You want to find those channels where there are missing plugins, to see if those plugins were actually turned on or not, and to see if you can remember how important they were.

Cubase is supposed to tell you the location of these plugins. But it does so by saying, for example, that plugin X is located on ‘Audio 161’. But which channel is Audio 161? You just don’t know. It’s not the as channel 161. If you have loads of group channels and MIDI channels it might be nowhere near channel 161. Cubase doesn’t name this channel, so you just don’t know. (Or else you’re told it’s ‘Group 58’. But again, which one is Group 58?)

So you have to manually search through all the channels to find the right ones. No big deal if it’s a small project, but if it’s a big, unwieldly project, and you have lots of missing plugins, this is laborious and time-consuming. Cubase should be telling you exactly what the channel is called, but it doesn’t.

The new Plugin Manager doesn’t help. It can tell you which channels non-missing plugins are on, by name instead of number (and that’s sometimes really useful), but it won’t tell you where missing plugins are.

And Search doesn’t help either, because that only finds plugins that are not missing, not the ones that are missing.

So as well as a plea for Steinberg to pelase fix this, I’m also wondering if there is an easier way to find the location of missing plugins – if you know, please let me know.

A couple of things that help – if you hold down Control (on a PC) while you open a folder then all the folders open. Then you can just use the down arrow key to scroll down through every track with the insert section open and you can quickly see what inserts are on what tracks.

Also, if you’re searching for a group track then you can just temporarily hide all the other types of track to avoid scrolling through them (same applies you’re searching for an audio track).