Finding original VSTi output name


If I have a VSTi loaded in the “VST Instruments” rack, activated all its outputs, renamed them in the Project Window and then reordered them, how can I find out the original instrument’s output to which each track belongs? It’s not listed in the any of the left hand inspector panes.


The outputs are assigned in the plugin itself. The way you organize the different midi channels is not in relation to that.
But you can always look:

  • in the mixer under routing where you see the output channel
  • in the plugin itself you see which channel/output is being used
  • most of the time you can derive from the midi channel in the main window which output your midi channel should be assigned to in the vsti if everything is laid out in a logical way.

kind regards,

kind regards,

I’m afraid my question wasn’t clear enough… so I’ll try with an example.

The VST Instruments Rack has a VSTi loaded which has, say, 32 stereo outputs (64 channels). All of them are enabled.

There are 32 MIDI tracks sending to that VSTi and the audio signal can be found in the corresponding audio output of the instrument (MIDI track 1 to “Output 1-2”, MIDI track 2 to “Output 3-4” etc).

Now suppose you rename both MIDI tracks and output channels (in the Mixer or in the Project Window, under the VST Instruments folder). Imagine MIDI track 1 called “Bass” and Output 1-2 called “Bass” as well.

Now you shuffle the tracks order around for whatever reason (imagine you want to group several tracks closer together in the Mixer), keeping the output tracks in the same order as the MIDI tracks so as to keep everything tidy.

Now, if you look at whatever output track you want in the VST Instrument folder in the Project Windows, there is no apparent way to see what’s the original output channel’s name (“Output 1-2” in the above example).

You can find that out by looking at the MIDI track’s inspector pane, see what MIDI channel it sends on, go to the VSTi plugin window, see what audio output this channel is sitting on, and deduce from that. But isn’t there a quicker way to do that?


If you renamed the output channel track their really is no quick way to find the original output number. I would leave a reference to the original output number in the track name if you decide to rename.

OK thanks. Would be a useful feature imho. Otherwise it really clutters up the Mixer.