Finding popover commands (guitar in particular)

Can anyone point me to a list (or a method of finding out) of text commands which each popover takes (other than searching in the manual, as I can’t currently find 3.1 documentation online other than the version history, and the things I want are 3.1 features)

Reason being I’m trying to see if there’s a text command for the new whammy technique/ornament in 3.1, and I’ve tried what I can think of - whammy, w/bar, vibrato bar, etc., all to no avail.

Maybe a feature request would be putting in a ? into one and getting a popup of what is acceptable, or having a text prompt/list in the way that the tempo one does (when you enter any character, a list appears of the possible matches, which is hugely useful for an ignoramus like me who doesn’t know all the appropriate names for tempo indications, but does know the bpm I want the piece to be at!). I find popovers to be immensely useful, but being able to know which things work would make it even more so - particularly without having to find the appropriate place in the manual for the list; perhaps a summary list at some point in the manual would be something others would find useful (at the moment each one is in each popover’s section).

See the popovers PDF that you can find here.

Hi Daniel

Thanks - that’s useful, but it’s currently taking me to one for Dorico 2.2? Also, I see that vibrato bar scoop and vibrato bar dip currently work as playing technique popover entries, but bend is an ornament, and all of them are listed in the ornaments panel - is that permanent (i.e. they appear in the same panel, but are input using different popovers)?

If you are following the breadcrumbs at the top of the page, you’ll easily arrive here:

You are here: Home / Dorico / Dorico Pro / Dorico Pro 3, which means

For 3.1 additions one may have to rely on the Version History for the latest info and hope that popover info is there.

Yes, but the PDF linked on that page is for 2.2, not 3?

It isn’t, unfortunately.

There is as yet no updated version of the popovers document (or indeed the tokens one) for Dorico 3.