finding/replacing specific dynamic marks


Is there a way to find all “sfz” marks and replace them with “sf” marks?
This could be a bit weird question.

As far as I remember,

  • Finale has “find and replace” feature only for notes.
    For dynamic,
  • we can simply double-press the keyboard shortcut for “sf” after selecting some “sfz” marks.
  • or we can simply change the “sfz” symbol to “sf” in Expression Tool, and can create a new “sfz”.
  • Logic Pro has a selection feature: selecting the same event, selecting similar events etc.

How could we do such work in Dorico?

If you’re consistent in the way you use Dorico, it’s incredibly easy - go to Engraving Options and flick this setting:

The chances are you’re not, though, and neither am I. Dorico thinks of “sfz” vs. “sf” as a Project Default vs. a Local Override (switch flicked in the properties panel).
If you input your sforzando markings using the button in the right panel, or you type sforzando (the full word) into the Shift+D popover you will get whatever your Project Default is.
If you then change your Project Default, the existing sf/sfz markings will automatically update.
If, as I’m sure most of us do, you type sf or sfz into the Shift+D panel, then even if the instruction matches the current Engraving Option you will get a local override. A dynamic that is overridden will not be updated when you update Engraving Options. You can always bypass that by selecting the dynamic and doing Edit > Reset Design.

On that note, I think I’m going to update my sf shortcut so that it types sforzando!

Thank you for the detailed explanation! It helped me a lot!