Finding the file location for a loop in project timeline

Hi, when I right-click a loop in the Right-Zone, I have an option to Show in Explorer… which allows me to see what pack it’s from. But once its been dropped in the project, and they start adding up, is there a way to still locate their origin on the hard drive?

Also, is there a way to quickly Find in Pool the loop that’s in the timeline?


If I’m not mistaken, you can do so from the Pool window.

But with alot of tracks and events… is there a way to right-click it on the timeline and see it highlighted inside the Pool? I believe that a few years ago, this could be done yes?

Simply right click on the selected event, “find selected in pool” (CTRL-F).

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If the tool set appears once you right-click, then use the Ctrl/Cmd + right-click, please.

Thank you - I found the option “Find Selected in Pool” and re-assigned the default key command of CTRL-F to this.

So while I got some help here to quickly find in the pool a loop that I imported to use in my project, the Show in Explorer feature in the Pool will point to the Audio folder of my project, where they are all collected. However, what I was hoping for was to have a way to trace back to the source of the sample. What was its original location on my drive, so that I may know which sample pack I got it from. It doesn’t seem like this is possible - or is it? If not, what are some ways you guys would approach the issue? Almost sounds like we cant go back and would have to note by hand the source pack of every sample used…


What about to search for the name within MediaBay? Could this work for you?

I’m sorry I don’t follow the logic. Please see my original post. I believe the right-zone and the media bay are both capable of finding the sample pack its from by doing Show in Explorer from there. But once dropped in the project, that link to the original source is gone since it is imported inside the audio folder. Am i missing something in your suggestion?

He meant that you could search for the file name of the imported file in media bay as a workaround. Else, there is not much you can do, the audio folder of the project is outside the scope of the media bay.

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I suppose another work around is to not make the events/parts take on the track name. Or to create duplicates of the imported samples/loops which I then stuff away in a folder track (and disable) for reference. I could also use the notepad in Cubase to write out the sample source pack for that track (as long as I don’t move the event to another track after!).