Finding the first owner of my dongle key

hallo friends. many years ago I bought a used Cubase 6 from a guy name Daniel.
I did not re register it on my name. now i upgraded it to 11 pro and everything works fine ,but I don’t see the 11 on my products. I do see there- 2 e-license numbers, but no product found.
It is just that I worry should the key get damaged i will loose my soft
On the local music shop being Steinberg support they said they can not help me .I don’t have any way to contact Daniel. any thought will be appreciated.

Data protection laws means that nobody can/will tell you who owned it originally

With the licenser it’s not really important - possession 9/10s of the law - you can reregister the elicenser in ELC (elicenser control center), although it sounds like you might have already done that ?

Assuming that ELC shows the Cubase v11 listed - then I’d try running ‘register licences’ and 'maintenance ’ in ELC, then check mySteinberg again

Thanks. yes the 11 shows on elicener control. after maintenance no products show on my steinberg.

did you try the ‘register’ option in ELC ? is the dongle serial in your mySteinberg account the same one as the v11 elicencer in ELC ?

That was a bad mistake. Technically, if “Daniel” still holds the registration of the USB-eLicenser in his MySteinberg account he could apply for Zero Downtime and recover the license(s) you paid him for and you would be out of luck.

Without “Daniel” releasing his registration I don’t think there is anything you can do as an individual. Your only chance would be for official support to contact “Daniel”. I just don’t see that happening, but I could be wrong.

Why did you not make sure the USB-eLicenser registration was transferred into your account!?!?!


Hi brother. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delayed response. I will focus on finding Daniel or face the consequences of my mistake. However I’m wondering how come we costumers accept this lack of direct communication with Steinberg support.

Hallo again . upgrading to 12 is a possible solution?

At least, the update to Cubase Pro 12 will provide you with a license entry for Cubase in your account. However, the original license remains with the seller. I could check the account if you sent the USB-eLicenser number in a private message. Perhaps, there is something that can be done after all.


A Good ending to this story.
Steinberg’s person Mr Ed Doll stepped in to solve my case. Dear friends i was surprised to find costumer service in the forum, it is great to know we are not allone when facing a problem . Mr Ed , thank you for your trust and for registering the key on my name. You didn’t have to do it , that is superb costumer service and it makes me feel I’m finely a legit Sternberg family member.