Finding the place to uncheck Infoline, Overview and Status

Since I got Pro 9 there has intermittently been a small rectangle with check boxes for opening Status, Infoline and Overview, appearing somewhere near the Toolbar. I do not know how I have triggered its appearance, nor can I trigger it intentionally. Today I wanted to uncheck these options, and checked the manual which says they can be turned off in the toolbar. However I found nowhere on the Toolbar to do so.

Sometimes a very narrow white space appears above the toolbar, ie, a white band of tiny height, too small to have any text or anything else in it, as if it a section exists above but is being hidden by something. Sometimes I can click somewhere in that tiny space and elicit the checkbox, but it takes a while.
Is there a key to finding this checkbox, or do I have a faulty installation, or a bug? ( a bit like the bug in Mixer1, iirc)

You’re looking for a small arrow to right of the zone selection buttons.

If you don’t have that/those I’d suggest a screencap of your toolbar might help work out what’s going on…it does sound like something may not be right. I haven’t experienced this strip of white you mention…but then I haven’t upgraded to 9.5.

They’re talking about the popups introduced in Cubase 8.5. They’re disabled by default in Cubase 9 and above and shouldn’t be showing up.

Open the Preferences window, then go to General and disable “Use Edge Hints”.

Cubase 9 and above introduced a better way to show or hide zones. Just click one of the 3 buttons to the top right of the screen, or click this down arrow right next to them for more options:

If these buttons don’t show up, click the gear icon to the top right and then click “Reset All”.

What bug?

this was my next question

Wow, thanks guys. Great to have a solution. Romantique, thanks for the screenshot. That window looks like the old one that used to be on the left of the Toolbar. I haven’t seen anything like it yet in 9.5, I will go look asap.

My phantom box is much plainer, and appears anywhere. I will check out preferences to disable Edge Hints, thanks.

The bug I referred to means that Mixer 1 has no toolbar, I think it was. When I got Pro recently and started setting up Preferences, Workspaces etc, I had trouble following the Manual at times because they referred to a line or Toolbar that was not present in my floating Mixer. After quite some experimentation and a reinstallation, I found posts (sorry don’t remember where) confirming it as a bug, and only affecting Mixer 1, iirc. As I have not yet progressed to the point where I am using that view, I can’t recall precisely.

Thanks again all of you for the help.

re the “mixer bug”:

Thanks Steve. I just checked my Cubase and the issue is no longer occurring here. Also, I have unchecked Edge Hints in Prefs and found the Setup Window Layout button, thanks again Romantique and Grim.