Fine move of cursor?

How do I move the cursor with keyboard? I know Control JK. But thats far of scale, that seems to be about a video frame. I need something on a audio scale. (Sample step that is).

It’s Nudge Cursor Left (or right) with the Timeline ruler set to Samples.

That is the Command+Left and Command+Right, right? They do nothing on my 8.0.20 (Maveric) They are getting through since keycommands shows them correctly. it seems that they move the selected parts. Not in sampels though, and I want to move the cursor not the content.

There is a Nudge Cursor Left & Nudge Cursor Right in generic remote control. (Device command, Category Transport) But they do very long jumps. Nudge +1 Frame and Nudge -1 Frame is smaller.

You have to set the timeline to Samples. If you do so the cursor can move as little as 1 sample.

I put it to Samples and Linjear TIme. What har the default binding to the commands you refer?

I have no idea. Search for the commands in the Key Commands dialog.

(I didn’t say anything about Linear Time. )

Well it, have to be Linear Time or Bar+Beats linear. Do you have an idea what you have it now?

Bar-Beats or Time linear doesn’t have anything to do with this- it makes no difference.

You should

  • Set the Timeline ruler to Samples,
  • the Grid Type to 1 sample.
  • Set the Transport display to Samples

Now you can ‘Nudge Cursor Left’ and ‘Nudge Cursor Right’ using the keystrokes you assigned to those commands.

Hope that makes sense.

Grid type was the missing part. Tnx! But sort of very odd that you can not do this without change timeline format.