Fine moves when deleting bars

See attached…

Was it ever rhythmically attached to the G bar, or had you dragged it there in Engrave mode? If the latter, you can’t expect it to stay put when the formatting of that system changes…

madsv, I must be blind, but I don’t see a Fine in your attached .gif
Have you tried deleting those bars using the system track?
[edit] ok, now I see the Fine popping up…

Another thing: to my eyes, the endash in the first word ea-sy looks out of place.
eas- y
instead of
eas - y
Did you lock it to the first syllable on purpose?

The problem you’re exhibiting here is that you have set the end of music not to fill the width of the frame if a certain %age is not reached… See Layout options>Note Spacing “Only justify final system in flow when more than xx % full”, untick it and you’ll notice nothing moves.