Fingerings on turns and mordent?

How can I add fingerings to things like turns and mordents that need more than a single number? Should I use a shift-x text for this instead?

Just add the numbers without any breaks (like 34323)

Yes, but that only works when connecting them to notes, I would like to connect them to the turns themselves, because the notes before and after already have their own fingerings.

I don’t think you can connect them to anything but notes… but you can adjust the position of the fingerings independently from the notes in Engrave mode…

…which would give problems with having 2 objects own the same rhythmical position. I think that my current solution works the best, using a shift-x text box with the same font settings as the fingerings. Thanks.

Finale has the same issues with this very common event in edited keyboard music. The turn symbol and accompanying fingering that is placed between two notes hasn’t been dealt with by software designers. Maybe Dorico will eventually rise to the occasion.

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For guitar fingering with ornaments I use ‘Stopover position - outside staff’ for clarity.
It just looks weird if it’s within the staff.
I notice that for a normal turn the fingering appears above the turn but if the turn has an interval change below, the fingering shifts below. Is this how it’s meant to happen?
(Sorry - I don’t have a copy of Gould!)
Fingering and mordent placement

Edit: I’ve just found out that slurs change the position …
Effect of slurs on fingering