Fingerings position and cross staff ligatures

Fingerings are not well positionned when ligatures are cross staff.
See in the picture the 3, 2 and 1 fingerings on G, A and B at the end of the bar.
Fingerings position with cross staff ligatures.png

Even though those fingerings reference the left-hand, you might find their placement better if you force them to be treated as right-hand fingerings, e.g. by typing R3 into the popover.

Thanks Daniel, I didn’t know this feature. But even in that case, it doesn’t prevent the collision with ligature.

That’s odd: you should find that the fingerings are then positioned above the notes, well out of the way of the beam.

Hi Daniel,
Either I enter R3 or L3, the 3 collides with the beam when I want to put it below the staff (most logical placement for left hand fingering in such a case).
Fingerings position with cross staff ligatures.7z (276 KB)

OK, fair enough. It is easy to move those fingerings in Engrave mode, of course.

Yes !!