Finished project

Can anyone please tell me how to rip afew songs to a cd after songs are completed and saved

Until now I thought you rip from CD…
“Export -> Audio mixdown” might be what you´re looking for…

Ok thanks Ill try that. And your right you rip from a CD. LOL thanks

OK thank you so much. That is exactly what i need. I have one more prob. When I go to export it says I don’t have enough disk space. I have 0ver 13 gig available so I know its not that. Do you know what I am doing wrong??

Make sure you have your locators the right way around. The area in between them should be blue.

Tanks sooooo much. As it turns out I had them the wrong way :smiley:

Common newbie mistake :slight_smile: .

Also, if you are looking to burn the files to CD you should use 44.1/16 wav settings in the export dialogue.