Finishing the year listening to......

The Phil Collins thread reminded me that I have been listening to the latest Steve Hackett release…

Beyond the Shrouded Horizon. It isn’t exactly “new”, because it sounds like the Steve Hackett ideas that show up in almost everything he does. But it is really well done. Highly, highly, highly recommended if you like Spectral Mornings and/or To Watch the Storm.

Derek Sherinian - Oceana. This is a straight rip-off of Jeff Beck’s Wired and There & Back. The killer drum groove from Star Cycle and others are repeated by Simon Phillips and riffed on with a nod towards Beck’s style. The trouble is, it is a really GOOD rip-off of Jeff Beck. I’m not usually a shred for shred sake fan. But, I’m getting a kick out of this one.

You guys find anything interesting that came out this year?

Anthrax - Worship Music

Cool, didn’t even know they had a new album out. Have to give it a listen…that’s exactly why I started the thread!

Oh, forgot
Animals as Leaders - Weightless

Been awhile since I’ve bought this much new music.

Just had the eponymous Bon Iver on twice over. Organic, ethereal and beautiful.

Just finishing the year is a project in itself. I’ll listen to anything I can a this stage of the game.
But then – that’s me. Do what ever turns you on guy’s and have a Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to you, too, Jack!

I’m listening to my stuff exclusively lately, have gotten the chance to work on it again - yippee! My musical NY resolution is to become so completely comfortable with the effects on MIDI/Audio projects of: musical vs linear timebase, musical mode, and tempo track changes that I don’t have to make sure I have three sharpened pencils and two bottles of iboprofen with me every time I fire up the Cubase computer! (A big thanks to all the kind folks on the forum who have helped me so far this year … including the “Dauphin of the DAW” - vic_france.)

Oh, and selling a million records and solving poverty and world peace. :smiley:

New acquisitions for Christmas:

Knight Area: ‘Nine Paths’ latest album from a new discovery for me, a Dutch prog rock band and Nine Paths is their 2011 release and it’s brilliant.

Billy Sherwood: ‘What was the Question?’ I’ve loved Billy’s work ever since his involvement with Yes in the 90s, and particularly his stuff with his Yes spin-off Circa, this is his 2011 solo album and in my mind his best solo album to date.

I have Arena’s ‘The Seventh Degree of Separation’ still in it’s shrink wrap and I’m looking forward to spinning that one.


Ha, me too!!! :sunglasses:

Really? A new one from KB? :astonished:

By the way, did I mention my mate who did the ‘pro mixes’ for me once ‘dated’ ( :wink: ) KB … ?