Firewire 400 to USB-C

I was watching a video on youtube with someone showing how to connect old firewire devices to usb-c.

I remember when using firewire 400/800 that you weren’t supposed to hot swap them because you could blow the firewire buss. Is there any danger in hot swapping when using a firewire 400 through connector with usb-c?


Id like to see this connector.

Here’s the video:

I see, so its really going from T bolt 2 to FW at the end. Guys have been doing that for a while

Any clue about the hot-swapping?

If you get a Kernel Panic that should tell ya its a bad idea. Im guessing it would be OK since its not going FW to FW off the MacPro so you are actually not even using the FW port on the Mac

I do love a good Kernel panic every so often :smiley:

:laughing: :smiley: