FIREWIRE 410 64bit not working

I’ve bought new MacBook pro with 64 bit OSX. I’ve installed Latest cubase 5 version (5.5.3) and using M-Audio FIREWIRE 410 audio interface.
I looked in Activity monitor and saw that my drivers aint work in 64 bit mode and cubase aint works in 64bit mode as well.
Does any body know, does FIREWIRE 410 works in 64bit mode? (I’ve got drivers for OSX 10.6.7 64bit but they are work in 32 bit mode :frowning: )
Cubase don’t uses all the i7 processors core power this way, as I understood ((

Does Cubase works in 32bit mode because of a hardware drivers?


Upgrade firmware/ drivers for the device?

Upgraded. M-audio FIREWIRE OSX_1_10_2 drivers version- that is for OSX 10.6.7 64bit. I’m just confused >___>

I’m not on Mac, but there is a scaling issue across multiple cores on them. The guys who do benchmarks for Cubase have noted this for quite a while. Do you have both 32 and 64 bit versions of Cubase installed? If you open 64 bit, 32 should not open.

I have a 410 working with win 7 64 / cubase 5 64. Although our O.S. are different, perhaps what I did would help you:

  1. First, have you considered ditching the 410? You may want to consider this. Seriously. And get something from RME or whoever, not m-audio.

  2. I had to get a texas instruments firewire chipset. I got an extra card that I put in my mobo. Added expense, and its especially annoying because m-audio did not list this as a requirement anywhere. However, the 410 (on windows) seems to not work with the vio chipset that most computers come with.

  3. Make sure you disable any other sound cards on your computer. For some reason the 410 game me bsod every once in a while until I disabled my motherboard’s onboard sound card. Because we have different OS, you may not get bsod but rather some other problem.

Well I hope this helped, if not you may want to contact m-audio, or look through the very extensive forum of problems for this thing. Good luck!

Yeah, funny. There is no different installations for osx 32 and 64 version. There is only one file to download at steinberg downloads. I always supposed that there is only 64bit cubase for osx. Because Cubase 5 is only possibly to instal on OSX 10.6 and above which is 64 bit version.
And I only have 1 installation file for OSX on my DVD and 2 (32 and 64) for win >____>

I bought 410 about 4-5 years ago, that was cheap, compact, nice solution. Now OS changed, processors changed. I’d prefer not to spend extra money for new card, but if there is no another solution…
I can’t work out what is the problem? Is it a software or hardware trouble? (((

And yeah, LOL ))) there is no support for Ukraine. M-Audio sell an ASC code for customers (that is needed to get support) and that is unavailable for Ukraine. Damn…

If any one have got cubase 5 working in 64bit mode under OSX and audio interface with drivers working in 64bit mode I get willing to listen your recommendations, please.

Actually I’ve opened activity monitor (like a task manager in windows) and it’s shown clear cell (instead of 64bit, like other applications) in the m-audio drivers string. That’s mean application running in
32bit mode.
Probably m-audio 410 just to old and don’t support that.
Can any body say which mode your card working in under OSX. Or in the task manager in windows.
Or what is shown in your Activity monitor or Task manager in cubase string?
Thank you.