Firewire Cable

Whilst wasting hours trying to solve audio dropouts Win7/C6/MR816 I came across this on the forum for “solving problems with a MR interface”.

“1. The MR’s should be connected through the included Firewire cable.”

I honestly can’t remember what firewire cable came with my 816 so the questions are

a) how can I identify it?

b) what’s so special about it?

c) does it really make a difference?



On a Mac here but I can tell you that unless the FW cable is actually damaged it is extremely unlikely to be the cause of any problem.

I use a FW 800 to FW400 cable … The 800 end goes into my Mac … From MYCable Mart… Very inexpensive nice and robust. But I’ve used others and they all work. It’s just data…

SB just say they’ve tested Belkin cables… But I suspect that’s just an easy to find, mainstream brand. If your cable works with a Hard drive, then it should be fine.

If your problems continue with 2 or more (borrow one from a friend or something) cables, then you need to look elsewhere for the problem ( FireWire interface, 816 fault … Can you try it on another machine?)


Thanks Lee. I didn’t really think it would be an issue but I thought I’d ask the question. Tried several cables, no difference. I just wondered really if there was something special about the SB one.


Lots of possible reasons for audio dropouts with MR816x, but I don’t think the cable is among them. To my knowledge, there’s nothing special about the one included. But common reasons for dropout include wireless cards behaving badly, and not using full performance power scheme. An odd one for me (nobody else seemed to have it) was putting my dongle in a USB 3.0 port.


The Firewire cable is nothing special of the MR816.

Perhaps you use the “DPC Latency Checker” to check you system

Do you work with a laptop ?



Is there a similar latency checker for Mac? Thanks!