Firewire driver dopout

I don’t know why but…I have better performance using ASIO4ALL and MR (no dropout at all!) than using his native driver…I am very frustated. Anyone have the same issue?
I have tried all i could try…MR is running on a Sony Vaio, win 7 64bit…I have also installed a TI chipset ExpressCard…nothing really change… ASIO4ALL work always better than Steinberg FW… :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

uhm…My video card is based on NVIDIA chipset! :cry:

I’ve found this article that could be useful for all who have the same issue: the problem is the NVIDIA driver!

I have NVIDIA also on my desktop and…no spikes at all. Steinberg FW driver? I’m going crazy…

P.S.: drop outs are casual. I have analized the latency with latencymon but results were ok: when I hear a spike the latency analizer tells me…nothing! that all should be ok… :question:
P.S.2: with the integrated soundcard (realteck) no problems in playng vst instruments.

using MR816X with ASIO4ALL driver work.
using MR816X with Steinberg FW does’nt work.
I don’t know the reason one but I hope that somebody could answer.

P.S.: unable to install/uninstall FW driver!


I’m running two 816’s here no problems with an NVidea 8800GT,see sig for specs.

Have you disabled all the C1E and speed step/thermal throttling in the BIOS? that will give you drop outs.


Thanks for reply!
My desktop configuration is similiar to yours: I7 920, same grapgic card, 12Gb DDR3, win 7 64bit and…no problem…
With my Sony Vaio F13, very similar (i7, 8Gb, Nvidia graphic card, win7 64): drop outs! Sadly I can’t modify any kind of BIOS parameters…sadly win 7 doesn’t allow to change IRQ…
The only thing that i can’t understand is: why ASIO4ALL + MR works correctly? I think these drivers are on a different path and they share different resources…with the internal realteck i can play all my vst instruments, leave wireless lan open, use firewall, take coffe…I have bought a Express card firewire (Texas Instruments), 57€ for nothing!

In april I have to take my laptop for live recordings across Italy and…I am very happy… :wink: