Firewire to USB or USBc?

I am looking to use my ME816 unit with a new laptop. of course no laptop has firewire these days. Is there any firewire to USB C or similar solution? Or would O have to get a mac and get a firewite to TB adapter?

if your laptop has Thunderbolt you can use a adapter for this
but there is no working guaranteeā€¦

The thunderbolt to FireWire adapter works. But the MR816 drivers only works up to MacOS version Mojave. Another option is to buy some usb-Adat interface and only use the MR816 preamps to adat.

I tried this but was not able to get MR to sync via adat as slave to my RME unit on Win 10. Worked with MR as master but not ideal. Ran into some other issues and just gave up. Sad. I really liked this unit.