Firmware update to 1.60 on UR44C?


Evry time, when i try to update firmware to 1.50, i have a problem:
"Еrror:Update failed. Please check the connection and reboot this software.”

and after all this:

what does it mean?
It’s normal?

official site not have version 1.60… only 1.50

Did you ever figure this out? I’m curious because on my UR22c it reports:
Boot 1.0
Main 1.50
Driver 2.0.3
dspMixFX UR-C 1.5.0

In case you didn’t see it, it looks like we have an answer to this mystery. On the downloads page there is now a note explaining that if your UR-C unit has firmware 1.6 it was install at the factory to support “a few mechanical changes or newer hardware revisions”. Its functionally the same as 1.5 and will not be available separately.

Be glad: it means you have the absolute latest hardware.