Firmware versions for Win 10 Yamaha N12 installation?

Hi, I’m just installed Cubase 10.5 Pro on a new Windows 10 box and now need to get my Yamaha N12 connected up. My plan was to simply install the latest Tools for n 2.7.4 from here :

The installation guide states :

Firmware update might be required to use this version of TOOLS for n.

  • IEEE1394 firmware V1.07 or later
  • n8/n12 firmware V1.03 or later
  • Sweet Spot Data Manager V2.0.0 or later

…so I’ve downloaded all of these. Firstly, do I need to install all of these BEFORE I try to install Tools for n 2.7.4? If so, where do I actually find out which firmware versions ( 1398 & N12 ) I’m currently using? Sorry if this is a very elementary question - it’s been a while !

Are there any other potential installation/driver issues I should be aware of before I start?

Is there a pdf with with the files as I know there was an order to do it in but I can’t remember as it was so long ago. I suspect the sweet spot is last as this is on the pc and not a firmware update as the other two

@mkok - thanks for the reply. Yes I did read through the PDFs but the correct sequence still wasn’t very clear. Both firmware updates clearly state that they require the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver ( which I believe installs with Yamaha Tools for n ), and Tools for n says it requires “n8/n12 firmware V1.03 or later” and “IEEE1394 firmware V1.07 or later” ( also Sweet Spot Data Manager V2.0.0 or later ). I’ll probably try installing Tools first, but ideally, I’d really like to check the current firmware version of the N12 first. Any idea how I do this?

Sorry I don’t have a clue as it’s been years since I did the firmware on mine and nearly a year since I sold it.

It’s all in the manual somewhere…its something like holding a knob while starting up the N12
.i shall try to find it but i am not in my studio right now.

If you have downloaded the firmware update 1.03 there you can read how to check if 1.03 is already installed or not.
You turn on the mixer while holding the STOP button, and check the LED’s in de display, see the updateguide how this should look then.
And be carefull if you need to update the firmware. And do this first before any software.
For the rest just install everyhing in the Tools 2.7.4 folder, in what order does not matter. Don’t turn on the N12 yet, first install it all.

A note on W10: I use the N12 for 7 years now starting on W7. But since W10 I noticed that it was best to switch on the N12 before starting the PC.
If I start the N12 while Windows is running allready, I do get some dropouts in Cubase.
Maybe it has something to do the internal clock between Windows and the N12/Firewire card.
With a good FW card it still runs just fine in Cubase 10.5 and W10 . Though while trying the latest 2004 version of W10 I had some dropouts so I got back to version 1909.

@ca-booter Thank you so much - that’s great information. I shall have a go at updating everything in the next few days and let you know how it goes.

@ca-booter OK so I did the firmware check and it looks like it does need updating. The update guide says I need the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver installed - it reads :

System requirements
Your system must satisfy the following requirements in order to update successfully.
A Windows computer equipped with the following conditions:
• Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver is installed and works properly on the computer.
• The computer is equipped with an IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connector of S400 type
(transfer speed: 400 Mbps ) or an i.LINK connector

The Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver is bundled with Tools 2.7.4 so does this mean I should install Tools 2.7.4 first? I only ask because in your previous post you advised against this. Not sure if it’s relevant, but I’ve already connected the PC to the N12 and it can ‘see’ it with just the native firewire drivers.

I would surely update the firmware and when it says to install the driver/tools first then I would do that.
For me it’s long ago i installed everything, it works like a charm for 7 years.

All done ! I haven’t spent any time with the new setup so too early to know if I’ll get any dropouts. In case it helps anyone else, this is the order I installed everything.

  1. Installed ONLY the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver from Tools 2.7.4
  2. Performed N12 Firmware 1.03 update
  3. Performed IEE1394 Firmware 1.07 update
  4. Installed the full Tools 2.7.4 package

Thanks for all the help along the way. Much appreciated.

Great! Enjoy the N12 and making/recording music

Glad to hear you got it going