Firs Insert Slot on any track automaticly could be replaced by a Chanelstrip on all tracks at once

I have a sugestion that is allways happening to me… Usually i have in certain projects the first INSERT Slot on the mixer ocuppied by another plugin and if i want to use that first slot to insert a tape or a channel strip or a console emulation i must remove all first slot plugins, so would be nice to have a feature that i could insert any plugin to the first insert slot on all tracks at the same time and automaticly the plugin that allready there will go to the second slot and so on… :slight_smile:


You can add the plug-in of your choice (tape) to any other Insert slot and then drag and drop it over to slot 1. All plug-ins will move down accordingly.

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Hi, yes but usually its the first slot made to have those type of plugins, tape, channelstrip etc… So i just sugest to have a way in future versions to be able to Link all channels insert the plugin on the first slot even if its occupied and automaticly the plugin of the first slot will move to the second slot and so on with others, second go to third slot, third go to forth etc…

Isn’t this a little redundant when Cubase already has a built in system for all those vanilla workhorse plugins, i.e. the channel strip?

Could you not just use track templates for this?