First bar is shorter?

So how did i mange this, the first bar is shorter than the others. I must have clicked something i shouldnt :blush:


Looks like you have somehow inserted a Time Signature event.
Play the project from the beginning, while looking at the Time Signature field in the Transport Bar. See anything happen at bar #2?

I would also expect it. You can also see e Time sign are in he Tempo Track editor, or Add a Signature Track.

Thanks, i found the problem. The tempo was set to 3/4, doh. :slight_smile:


Just to make it clear… This cannot be a tempo. Tempo is in BPM (Beats Per Minute) with Values from 10 to 300 (if I remember the limits). This is really the signature (what we both expected with vic_france). :wink:

Ah yes you are right. It says tempo next to it (well, its says Tempo Fixed 4/4), that’s why i thought it was just called tempo :slight_smile: