First bar numbers

Why is my project only hiding the first bar number for the first flow? Is that how it is supposed to work? For every new flow, the 1 shows at the first bar, unlike the first flow (where it’s hidden). Anything I’m missing?

The options on the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options apply to all flows. You might have an explicit bar number change at the start of each flow, perhaps? If so, try deleting it.

There’s no explicit bar number change in any flow. Oddly, it’s only hiding the first bar number for the first flow.

What strikes me as odd is that the bar number does not hide for the other flows… I’m quite certain that it will hide for all my flows, because it’s obviously the first bar, and Dorico is hiding it (and is right about it). I think that is the reason that led Daniel to think that there has been some override here.
FYI in Layout options, I’m using “show bar numbers Every system”

Please zip up and attach the project so we can take a look.

Here it is. Thanks for taking a look at it! (1.75 MB)

There really does seem to be a bar number change e.g. at the start of the second flow. You can either select the time signature and then activate the ‘Hide bar number’ property, or you can select the bar number itself and hit Delete.

What about the third and fourth flows? They also show the first bar number. Am I doing something wrong that I’m not aware of doing?

If I create a new flow within this project, I don’t get an explicit bar number at bar 1. That indicates that there’s nothing specific about this project that’s causing an explicit bar number to be created. The obvious explanation is that you’ve imported MusicXML files that contain explicit bar numbers (this is pretty likely - I notice that the clefs at the start of each flow are also explicit, which is indicative of MusicXML imports). Either get used to deleting explicit bar numbers or find some way of getting whatever software you’re exporting from to stop exporting explicit bar numbers.

Ohhhhh, thank you so much. That makes sense! I exported this project a long time ago from Sibelius, when Dorico had only three months of being released. Since then many functionalities were not ready yet, I archived the project until now. I didn’t even remember it was imported from a xml file until you mentioned it.
How can you tell if a clef (or bar number) is explicit?

If you can select a clef, it’s explicit. If you can delete a bar number by selecting it and hitting the delete/backspace key, it’s explicit.

Great. Thanks so much Daniel and Leo for your valuable time and help!