First beat cutoff in mp3 mixdown of midi tracks

This is for Steinberg:

We have been mixing down a song, and every single time we mix it down to MP3, the final file misses out the first MIDI drum beat. We extended that particular MIDI file backwards a full measure as compensation but it didn’t make a difference. Our WAV mix was OK, so we converted the WAV to MP3 but this is a really odd and troublesome bug. The beat also fails to appear on random occasions when we play the song in real time on Cubase. (PS: We tried mixing down in real time but our computer had a CPU overload.) Hopefully Steinberg can fix this; it’s nothing on our end.



I doubt that this is a Cubase issue. What plugin are you using?

Also try another media player, like VLC or foobar 2000, or try importing the MP3 back into Cubase to see if the first beat really is missing.

Since you say “This is for Steinberg:” I just want to point out that you should open a ticket for this in your Steinberg account. The forums are more of a user-to-user thing, though SB staff does participate occasionally.

Thanks for that; we’re new to Cubase.

Many MP3 players are using a fade in on every track to avoid clicks. This will not happen with Wav files though.