First beat of midi not playing if double click Stop on transport

If I double click on the Stop option in the transport, VST Live won’t play the first beat of the midi count in I created. This is only a problem in VST Live 2. It works fine in the prior version.
If I only click the Stop option once it does play the first beat.
Hope you can help.

Hi @ian_wood,

are you talking about the Metronome Count In?

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 10.23.36

I cannot reproduce it. Are you working with the latest Pre-Release? More here.

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Hi Michael.
Not the metronome count in.
I have a midi count in that I created through Halion.

… ah, thank you! I can reproduce the problem. We’ll check.

… fixed. Next update.


Hi. The issue of the first beat of midi not being played is still in the last release

… maybe we are missing something here. Can you please create a simple project which shows the problem? Use “VL / Menu / File / Save Archive …” to send us a zipped package.

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Please help.

I created the zip file above but how do I send you the zipped file to “VL / Menu / File / Save Archive …”?

In the project I created I only created a midi track (count in) using Halion Sonic.

In VST Live –

  • The song doesn’t play the first beat of the midi track initially
  • If (after playing the track) I double click Stop on the transport it will play the first beat but
  • If I click stop more than twice it won’t play the first beat.

Hope this helps


Midi (87.4 KB)

pls check again with the latest prerelease at

I downloaded Version as instructed.

The issue is not resolved.


… yes, we need an example project. The project file like “MIDI Test.vlprj” does not help. Please start VL and load your local “MIDI Test.vlprj”. Then run from the menu “File / Save Archive…” and select an empty folder to save all media data from your current project. Now locate your selected folder, zip that one and drag here.

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Thank you

Midi (88.4 KB)

We can reproduce the bug and are on it. Thanks a lot for the project.

pls try again with the upcoming version, thanks!