First crack on Cubase!

Got my first copy of Cubase Artist 6 a few weeks back. Damn, there are some way cool features that I like…especially being able to view ALL the info for each track and tweak FX and EQ at the click of a button etc…something my old software never did. My old software wouldn’t even remember what sounds was selected for each VST so I’d have to manually reload them each time!

The pipe organs in Halion are FAT…and when given a little more bass from the EQ they sound awesome. This tune is a bit of an electronic job blending some old fashioned Bach and some Visage Fade to Grey. Used a Halion pipe organ with some cathedral reverb, Halion drums & hi-hat and 2 other tracks are just the main lead/bass on one track and an old 80’s style pad with a bit of flanger/phaser which are from Superwave Trance Pro and Superwave Professional VSTs.

Could do with a bit more timing editing but I got impatient!!

Sounds pretty good. Could do with being brighter I think, maybe boost a few of the higher freqs?

Thanks mate. Yeah I just played it with my other Creative headphones and it does sound WAY dull in the high end and you lose a lot of fidelity…with my good Bose headphones it sounds a lot crispier. I’ll have a play with the final editing…thanks for the feedback.