First Cubase 7 track

Hey all,

Here’s my first track using Cubase 7 and the first time using my new Rode K2. I think it can still be mixed a lot better but would love any comments so far :slight_smile:

I wrote the music but the vocals are written and performed by a friend.

Lonely Crowd


Hi…good effort for a first go…to my ears the vocal is too far back and the drums too far forward, or maybe if the drums were backed of a bit the vocal would be ok where it is…hard to tell from here, the guitar break drifts a little bit in the timing department but this beats my first effort, so well done…Kevin

Thanks for the feedback. I agree the guitar needs be re-done, it’s horribly out of time!

Alright! I’ve fixed the mix and I think it’s a lot better now. Re-did the guitar solo and changed the ending.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

this is actually not a bad song…it’s in the boy band area ( not a bad thing thing from the commercial point of view ) your guitar scale run is still not in time and your better of leaving it out than having it in…it’s got to be in time…the piano is a bit up and clouding the vocal, the vocal sounds really nice and needs to be heard more, the period 56 to 1.06 is just wasted and should go…you’ve a potential good song here and the rest is window dressing ( arguably as important as the song ) it’s worth working on…good luck, Kevin

Thanks Kevin :slight_smile: I really appreciate the time you’ve taken. I want to get better at this (writing/recording) and this is exactly the kind of feedback I need!

Back to work I go!

definitely better than my first effort :slight_smile:
It feels like the song drags a little, probably because of the long breaks between lines combined with the slow tempo.
I think the vocal should be a bit stronger in the refrains, it needs to carry the refrain, currently it’s mostly the piano doing that.
About the piano, it sits quite well in the mix, but in the intro when it plays alone it sounds very thin. If you used EQ to fit it in the mix, then maybe reduce/bypass that EQ in the intro. It somehow sounds better to me in the outtro, maybe because I’m used to it by then :wink:

Good luck!

Good advice from strophoid…

Nice job. Agree with the earlier comments. Maybe not appropriate for what you’re after but I would like to hear some break from the three chord sequence… maybe do the chorus part different from the verse part. Although I do realize that that guy from Australia was basically only using two chords for most of his megahit… Thanks for posting it.

I like the feel of the piano at the beginning and I like the melody and the singer’s voice - but the drum track is not working for me at all on this. It’s heavy footed and the feel is wrong - too stiff - not matching the flow of the piano.
hihats are a bit strong in the mix, as well.
I’d try experimenting with a lighter, smoother groove.

Thanks guys. I can now hear everything that you’ve said! Going to spend some time trying incorporate some of your comments.

Thanks for listening!