First Cubase 8 Project Completed!

First project completed using Cubase 8. Even though there are some bugs, nothing was a show stopper!

Well…dunno what that actually was but it certainly demonstrates your production skills :slight_smile:

Well that’s video game music, right? Glad to hear Cubase 8 is working! I’m going there soon!

No but they’re 8bit sounds and the rest are synths and then the voiceovers. Also Some background singing in unison with synth melody after voiceovers.

Well that was fun!


Thanks for the listen

are they all samples from 8

Thanks for the listen Polgara. The 8-bit sounds are samples but not prefabricated loops and were only used in the introduction and the following verse. The artist created all the loops through multiple layering using Reason Recycle & then processed further using Mixcraft. In other words, these loops are 100% original and were not simple dropped in from an existing library.