First downbeat lagging after looping back in MIDI drum track

After having solved my connection problems concerning my iPad Air 2 and my Studiologic Numa Compact 2x, I recorded a simple Bossanova drum loop with 4 bars with my Cubasis 3 LE.

Now while playback, when the track ends and the pointer jumps from the end to the beginning, the notes that are on the downbeat of the first bar are lagging, or not playing at all, which means that the corresponding MIDI information is sent out with a lag, or not sent.

The notes following the downbeat of the first bar are sometimes also affected, but not every time.

As there is no audio involved (selected ‘No Instrument’), this track is certainly not a workload but about the simplest thing you can do with Cubasis 3.

This behaviour is not acceptable for me.

Is there a fix to this?

This may be a silly question, but is the first note quantised to the start of the bar.

Yes, I have quantized to 1/8th.

In the meantime, I had the idea to check what happens when I change the instrument from ‘No instrument’ to Microsonics ‘AM Pop Kit 1’ although I don’t need it. Now from the iPod’s speakers I hear this kit, and from the MIDI Out, I hear my Ketron SD2 Sound Expanders Drum Kit, both at the same time.

There is no lag from the iPad’s speakers ‘AM Pop Kit 1’, and, surprisingly, also no lag anymore at the MIDI output.

Thus, I have solved the problem by this workaround, and I only have to turn the iPad volume down to zero because I’m not interested in the ‘AM Pop Kit 1’ sound. The MIDI lag is gone and I can enjoy my drum track. (Of course it still remains a Cubasis bug, but I can live with this workaround).

You could reduce the fader for that channel in the mixer section instead of using the iPad volume, or just select “no instrument” :+1:

Obviously, you are right with the mixer, thank you.

‘No instrument’ produces the lag. To NOT use it is the solution for this thread.

Hi @JazzPianoNotes,

Glad to read that you’ve been able to resolve your current issue.

In addition, you may also check out our “Getting started” tutorial, to get familiar with Cubasis more quickly.

Hope that helps!

Enjoy making music,