First House

Well yeah this is my first real house song I have made. Please tell me what you think… and I hope you enjoy it!

your showing some real talent…nice commercial sound…just a bit long I reckon…Kevin

The overall production is good, the arrangement is fine too, although as Kevin pointed out it could really be condensed further as it 5:30 is quite long for the amount (or lack of) of variation in the chords that it contains.

The melodic hook is good, but I thought it could have been developed better, even when it repeats every other time to simply substitute just one chord in the progression and/or ascend one or two of the melody notes just so it isn’t completely identical.

I do really like all kinds of electronic sounds and they sound good here too, but my main problem with this style of music is the volume/dynamics have remained exactly the same throughout. You have some nice ideas and can get them down in a pretty concise way, but to me __________________ dynamics is not as interesting as M for example. You could experiment layering the harmony/melodies (even if it’s just doubled in unison) up as the sections repeat. My main point being there’s no real climax to the piece of music. Now, of course there doesn’t have to be, but personally I’d think it’d bring the piece to new heights and perhaps your audience would also agree given one of the Youtube comments I read about a lack of intensity.

Good job overall, you have good instincts on what kind of sounds compliment each other as well as good melodic instincts (which I always find the best trait to have) but the stagnation here to me comes from the lack of varying the chord progressions and the harmony of the chords themselves just don’t develop much or enough for a 5:30 duration piece of music. I did enjoy the sounds, but I do quite like music to take me on a journey or to another place. I don’t listen to music as background music, if I ever listen to any music at all it’s the only thing I am doing. I know a lot of people hear music from the perspective of having it as background sounds while they study, game, travel etc etc but I think you have a really good start to experiment with the suggestions above if you think they are something worth considering.

You’re only 16 (I hadn’t even tried to write my first piece of music at 16!) so you’re off to a good start. Whether you’ve been classsically trained in music from an early age or you’re just beginning your musical learning and journey at your age like I did, the main thing is to practice, practice, practice.

Thank you so much for the advice, I aim to improve myself as much as possible. I guess you could say I am classically trained, I had piano lessons since I was 4, but I don’t take them anymore. I guess my practice nowadays is working with chords onstage at church (I love chords!! :smiley: ). I am somewhat confused, what did you mean by dynamics? Like just the overall volume of the track or chord changes or instrument drop-out? And as far as intensity… yes there are some things I could do but it is really about the instruments as well. I comed Retrolouge and the sounds you were hearing were the best I could find. I will be getting Artist 7 this Wed. so hopefully it will open up a whole new host of sounds and possibilities :slight_smile:

Mostly velocity differences among the notes/chords, but it can also address the articulations used.

Yes, dynamic range is quiet to loud. Depending on what samples, natural or electronic and quality, depends on whether you can use volume and/or expression/velocity as well as more instruments usually. As I said this isn’t necessary, but I think it’d work well in your music like this. At least from the perspective of a listener, even being electronic in genre, the fact that the dynamics all stay ____ just gets boring for me personally with the kind of music I’d usually listen to.

Not sure the length would be as much of a problem if the mix were a bit better… If I were to fix it while doing as little as possible, say if I only had access to stems…

The drums are a bit too burried for house… drums are really the most important part of house music mix despite typically being the most simple element. Everything else is to add interest and excitement, but in the background almost.

So if I were only adjusting the stems, or group busses… one of a few things

  • I would try eq’ing only the mids of the synth instrumentation using an EQ with mid/side functionality, with the objective of creating more space for the drums without actually changing the drums. And then I would test re-master this change in totality a bit on the master and see how things are sounding.

  • I would save the above as a revision, and then continue a couple more adjustments…

  • I would maybe test out some volume differences on the drum faders vs the synth instrumentation faders, and maybe play with EQing the drums a bit. Adjust the master as a test, and again save as a revision.

  • And then I would do a further more complicated test, and use the drums to trigger some light to medium gating on the synths. I’d probably use a multi-band mid-side dynamic EQ like Sonnox Dynamic EQ and I would experiment in a more creating way than a technical mix way. I’d try ducking the middle of the synth instrumentation around the drums only, I’d play with exciting the sides by expanding maybe… and perhaps some broad light stereo ducking on the synth instrumentation after all this. Again, using the drums to trigger via sidechain on only the synth instrumentation.
    And then again, test master this and save it as a revision.

This last revision would interest me the most, because the effect of the ducking will have a pretty pronounced affect on the interest level of the arrangement and perception of length of the song, because you have some sections where there are no drums, which means the effect will also stop for those moments allowing the synths to momentarily become bigger and more upfront before the drums come back in.

I would bounce all three revisions and compare them… pick the best and or, do a 4th revision that splits some differences and finds a happy medium… print that 4th revision… and then compare all 4, and then send the best to mastering and move onto the next project.

Just a guess, but I would be willing to bet that after about 8 1/2 years he has probably moved onto the next project :wink: .

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