First Impression of Cubase 10

Excellent, for me everything that was broke is fixed, like the bizarre project scrolling behavior that started with 9, and so many little things just work better
Fantastic Upgrade Steinberg
I am very happy

I like it!!! But still a little laggy, scrolling is still horrible, was hoping for a smart tool.

workflow killer, contextual menu destroyed, large fonts and tacky windows, gui disappearing on some screens, more bugs than a dogs tail…absolute disaster update!
Glad it works for you but for me, it’s destroyed my workflow. Gone back to 9.5 ahhhhhh peace and harmony again.

Workflow enhancer , proper contextual menus, excellent legible fonts, perfect muted colors, customizable, easy on the eyes, no problems with the Gui here.

All I can do is recommend a clean install of Sierra and a full version of Cubase 10. It worked for me.

As always, it entirely depends on the features you use (and to some extent your OS) as to your experience. For me, there’s lots to like in C10, some things to love, and some that cause me to despair. If you use Track Archives or Disabled Tracks (multichannel) you’ll be in the latter camp, but Matthias has said that Steinberg will get on it as a priority. Can’t come soon enough.

Well it’s good that they will get right on it, however how about fully testing it with real people, in real situations, before releasing and putting so many people in such a disastrous and desperate situation?
We have had bugs and problems before but honestly, this has to be the worst upgrade in Steinberg history. Just check out the forums and see how many are suffering because of this. I admire their forward thinking and attempt to introduce new and better facilities, however when they are not fully tested they not only hinder our workflow, but can jeopardise systems and people’s hard work.

It’s also very irresponsible of them to delete menus that most people live by daily which is a must for their workflow and say ‘we deleted these menus as they are rarely used’…WHAT? did they ask us what we use? did they assume? they have basically put us all in one box and sad, there you go, this is the way WE say you should work…this is becoming like the Apple dictatorship all over again. AT least, do what you wanna do BUT give us the option of customising our own menus and workflow.