First musical exchange

Hi everybody,

Here is a mix made entirely with Cubase Pro 9. Visit the link below and do not hesitate to comment if the heart tells you.


Well, I really like it… a very nice job. It might be a touch “boomy” but I like it that way. Is this all your performance?


No, it’s a play by Colton Benjamin made available for free at for the people like me who want to perfect their mixing skills. I wanted to make it accessible on this forum simply because the mixing was entirely done in Cubase with the plugins provided with this one with the exception of some softwares (plugins) free of rights.

Thank you for the comment, it is true that the bass and bass drum are a bit heavy.


Gee, that is a testament to my cultural refinement…I still think you did a very nice mix.

I fell asleep at 2 plays on broadway in NYC back in the 1970’s one with Yul Brenner " The King and I " and Zero Mostel Fiddler on the Roof !

Now…Gillian’s Island, that’s exciting

Thank you for that website…looks very interesting and helpful

You know, this island is so captivating that you let yourself be taken by the pleasure of exploration. There are some treasures that deserve a wider audience, each one participates in its own way. Have a nice trip!

Thanks again!

Yes it’s a nice pop tune, kinda H&O.

You could tame the bass.

The main guitar is very toppy and quite “rehearsal room” sounding.
It could do with a mellower approach I think.

Everything else is really just personal taste.

It’s a good website and a great concept.


Lovely tune, great mix, would just tame the bass registers a bit, and take a little bright off the high end (guitars), but that’s just an opinion… it sounds great as it is.

I appreciate having someone else’s opinion. I will print soon a new mix in the light of your good comments.

Thanks again!