First new guitar for me this century

Got it with an HSS coil tap, rosewood neck, black walnut burst. Gets here in a couple of weeks. Even if it’s a POS it costs less and looks better than most of my wall art. Comes with a 30 day no questions return policy.

Looks real nice Ted. I’m curious to learn your impressions of the interesting neck design, after it arrives. :sunglasses:

I’ll be doing a compare and contrast with my American Standard with 57/62 re-issue pickups. The Dean is bass wood with a maple cap and very thin. My Strat is Ash, I think, maybe Alder. The Dean’s are supposedly just a little wider bout and very light. Sweating in the summer in Phoenix means any relief is welcome. Bet all those grooves get grimy quick.

that’s not a guitar
looks more like a G U I T A R !!! :sunglasses:

what’s the deal with the back of the neck you can see in the photos?

They claim the carving reduces the amount of contact your hand makes with neck by 70% thus reducing sweat and picking up speed. Something new. They’ll customize whatever you want.

The company is the 3rd incarnation of Dean guitars. Last one had the board firing Dean and keeping his name. Lawsuits are flying. Looks like they’re trying to get started and make some money quick. No retail outlets, when I called, Dean answered the phone. They build, assemble, to order. The factory is in Indonesia. I had a 14xx order number. Suspect if they take off the prices will double. Took a chance. They have local order points in many countries. $20 shipping, US, $79 international. Ships from Illinoise.

The carving on the neck may be a really good idea, to me a very smooth glossy surface on a ‘normal’ guitar is indeed somewhat sticky, especially when playing outside.

Beautiful instrument too, enjoy;),


Looks pretty… what happened to the Leslie West Dean endorsement? Let us know how it works out!

That “Dean” company is no longer associated with Dean. They just kept the name.

Very nice, Ted! I hope it’s a keeper!