First note in a MIDI part disappears after recording stops?

Ok, think I found a bug here in 10.0.30… Either that or some weird record mode feature accidentally got enabled…

I’m recording MIDI notes on an Instrument track, and have found a weird issue that’s never come up before this update. It seems that every time I record in real time, the first note of whatever I played at the beginning of the measure shows as recorded, but as soon as I stop playback on the recording, the note then disappears altogether. I also notice that it seems to only happen when the cursor/playback starts at the very beginning of the project.

I usually build a “groove” to start a song in a loop range from measure 1 to 5 or 9 (for 4 or 8 bars) and go from there later on in starting build arrangements.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

Hi and welcome,

You can extend the MIDI Part to the left. Or in the Preferences > MIDI set some value (higher then 0) for the Extend Playback Range of Notes that Start before the Part.

Myself I always start recording 2 bars before the actual start of the place, where do I want to record.