First patch end of this week or beginning of next week

Hi, some update about the first patch: it’s now ready, but now needs to go through the web publication pipeline; so it’ll more likely be available end of this week or beginning of next week.
Thanks for your patience and understanding !

do you have the change log / release notes ?

The official changelog will probably have a different listing and wording, but here are the detailed changes:

-fix a crash when loading a project in Cubase/Nuendo
-fix issues when applying changes to an ARA clip not starting at zero on the DAW timeline.
-fix ARA mode randomly not responding within Cubase mac after a couple dialogs are closed
-fix no layer active when undoing a new layer in ARA mode
-fix a crash when undoing a new layer while a group is selected and transform tool is active
-fix several VST3 plugins causing SL to crash when used or when closing
-fix several VST3 plugins with improper layout or graphic issues
-improve Preserve Formant option in the Transform tool causing severe artefacts
-improve install failing without proper error message if eLC is already opened during install
-warn the user when disk space becomes too low (150MB by default, can be changed in Preferences > System)
-fix a crash when VST3 plugins where not fully loading (because of lack of activation for instance, or other technical reasons)
-fix VST3 plugins parameters not properly cleared when switching from one plugin to another, leading to unpredictable behavior and crash
-fix a crash when applying or cancelling the Imprint process when only one layer exist in the project
-fix a freeze on mac after a couple progress bars have been shown during some processing or loading
-fix Edit > Transform not properly working
-fix some VST plugins not switching properly from one plugin to another when they are bundled inside the same file (some Waves plugins for instance)
-improve german translations for actions related to unmixing
-progress bar now show up right away when using AI processes such as Unmix Stems, Unmix Components, Clip Repair.
-fix UI getting bigger when showing a VST3 plugin for the first time in ARA mode on mac
-fix a crash when merging layers or transforming content in ARA mode
-fix a pseudo-random issue that caused SpectraLayers to display a white screen in ARA mode on Windows
-add a warning message when using VST3 plugins on High Sierra (display flickers may occur - the official requirement for SpectraLayers is Mojave or higher)
-fix a crash when using some AI processes such as Unmix Components, Heal or Clip Repair with CPUs no supporting AVX instructions (such as Mac Pro 2010)
-show a progress bar when processing a VST3 Effects

thanks robin :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!! literally :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And if the communication that has been going on (about ideas, new features, workflow news and enhancements) materializes, we are here for a phenomenal ride :smiley:

EDIT; More so If user’s threads and posts about Spectralayers usage like the “Unmix is a fantastic feature!” keep coming.


Seems like a lot of issues, but it says a lot that you’re working hard to get this patch out quickly. And being open about what’s coming is very helpful Appreciate your effort and ongoing communication with this!

Unmix now allows to un mix stems on iMac and windows.
I sent you a screen shot of a project you use to compre spectral layers vs other programs.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, Robin. I’m considering getting SL Elements, but I’m waiting for user reviews on the patch first.