First post. Activation issues

First and probably last post. Steinberg takes up to 48 hours to address support issues. Meanwhile, I can’t use my new downloaded CUBASE 8 because this bizarre e license software insists I need a USB e- license. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled several times and nothing seems to get this software activated and registered.

Anyone have any fixes they can suggest before I ask for a refund and just go back to Logic X?

Thanks, folks.

Thanks for the links. The problem is that e-licenser thinks the activation code I got for the downloaded software is for a USB e-license. It tells me to insert the USB licenser and drag/drop the license over to the e-license. It appears that the Steinberg store sent me a USB activation code for a Cubase Pro 8 software download which doesn’t provide a USB dongle.

The only proposed solution I’ve received is from the Sternberg store which has offered to refund because the download is “unusable”. Maybe that’s the way to go.

Well, after further “research” and talking to Steinberg support it seems the only problem here was my misunderstanding about needing a physical USB dongle to activate Cubase. I did not understand that. So, onward to purchasing the USB e-licenser and learning CUBASE PRO 8 once I’ve got it activated.

I didn’t think they even sold Pro as a download as the boxed version contains the elicenser…in my region the boxed version is the only one available to buy for a full version 8Pro.

Upgrades are obviously available as download because they assume you already have a dongle.