First post - basic set up

Hello, my first post, just trying to get an understanding of things.

I’ve been doing home based recording for a couple of decades, but always used 8-track hardware. Have decided to get a new set-up in the near future and plan is to use iPad Pro and apogee duet 2, have been using iPad 4 for a couple years to do basic GarageBand stuff, and like iOS recording.

I am a bass player and all my writing is build on the rhythm section, so the most important thing for me is to get the drums I build on my Boss dr880 into the iPad Pro in the highest quality I can. My question is…can I input the left and right master outputs from my DR880 into the two inputs of the apogee duet, then have track one in cubasis record the left apogee input and track two record the right? And would they both be set as “mono” tracks?

Probably a basic question but I’m just a newbie.

Cheers now.

Hi Rab237,

We’re glad to welcome you as a new Cubasis member!

It should work fine to connect the DR880 to the Duet 2 to record the drum tracks with Cubasis.
To do so, I suggest to choose a stereo track in Cubasis’ routing tab located in the inspector.

Please note that Cubasis contains lots of great Allen Morgan drum instruments (paired with many MIDI phrases) that are worth to check out also.

Furthermore we have numerous Cubasis tutorials available that might be helpful to get familiar with the app and its capabilities:

Also the Cubasis LE song creation tutorials could be helpful to learn the basics:

Have great fun using Cubasis!

Hope that helps,

Many thanks Lars.