First recorded midi note not sounding til I pull it back in Cubase??

I would appreciate some advice with this issue in Cubase 9,Windows 7.

When I record a simple 4/4 kick beat, for example,the very first hit is recorded and I can visually see the note in the key editor but I also see that the midi note begins just barely before the measure line so on playback but it doesn’t actually sound since it’s not exactly on the beat. I have to manually pull back the first hit midi note to lock in on the beat before I can hear it.
I can,however, hear the first note if I’m quantized to 1/4 but then all my notes would be quantized to 1/4 and I couldn’t play any 16th notes. All my time stamps are checked and I’m quantized @ 1/16.

I apologize in advance if I’m not clear.Hope this makes sense.


Most probably the note starts before the MIDI part start, so it’s not played back. But in Cubase 9.5 there is a preference, which can affect it and make a notes play even in this case.

I forgot the exact preference (and I cannot have a look now), but I believe it’s somewhere under MIDI.

Hi Martin. Thanks for responding. That’s a start anyway.