First responders - C7 + Win10 + K5

I just decided to report that although i’ve had a really smooth install, there are problems (I don’t know if it’s C7 related) in that once you close a project, the program hangs indefinitely and must be closed via Task Manager, which in turn crashes the audio driver (Sonic Core).

No timing issues that I’ve found but I am only using pre-programmed MIDI.

For now this means I must load several projects at once and switch between them or close Cubase and Scope env.

It seems now there is no crashing on exit but it wasn’t your standard “crash on exit” that past generations of Cubase users have complained about, it was a system hang without a crash until you hit the close x box (non responsive program) and nor was it a pure virtual function call.

No timing issues that I can report, in fact moving tempo changes in the project page is arguably smoother which is welcome which leads me to thinking about a feature request…

how about being able to move multiple tempo items at once, in a similar way to volume changes in Key Edit?

I think I will get C8 once it is verified to work with Win10, even though C7 is not having any issues that I can tell of at this stage except to say I am getting unusual glitches in audio playback even though I have a maximum buffer set. I will try turning off ASIO guard and report back.


One post wonder!

You fixed all my problems, a big Thank You!!