First thoughts

I might be being particularly dense here (nothing unusual in that!) but I’m damned if I can find the “Lock to clicked frequency” button mentioned in the manual. Also, Tab doesn’t preview highlighted frequencies under the mouse as stated in the manual, it toggles the side bar sizes. Finally (for now!), the workflow is slowed down by having to use a drop down mode selection on some of the tools… there is plenty of space to give each of these their own button.

You’re not dense, some part of the manual were not fully updated yet :slight_smile:
Lock to clicked frequency is now always on, so the unnecessary option disappeared.
Ctrl+space replaced Tab for audio preview, although it works for modification tools mainly - will work with highlighted selections too in a future patch.
On the tools grouping not always necessary, future updates will probably offer user defined tool arranging and grouping instead.

Thanks for that Robin… it would be nice to be able to turn lock to clicked frequency off though. I’ve started getting a few crashes now although nothing that I can reproduce. I have SpectraLayers Pro 4 installed on this machine and I’m not sure that they sit well together, in that if both are running, version 4 seems to apply the same cursor shape that is selected in version 6. I look forward to the user defined toolbars :slight_smile:

I was imagining that the “lock to clicked frequency” would create a selection that would be a straight horizontal line, like if you started on a note that was A440, the selection would continue along A440 despite the spectral info in the audio file moving around. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get it to work like that. It always jumps to the next note above or below when I try selecting more to the right? Am I doing something wrong? When trying to edit instruments ringing out, it doesn’t really help if you can’t catch all of the release tail.