First time trying anything that relates to "orchestra"

I think the title pretty much explains it well, so take a listen!

Please critique… how am I supposed to get better if I don’t know what’s wrong! I am using Cubase Elements 6.

Hi, it doesn’t sound like strings but who cares, it sounds great…the chord progression and the feel of the short piece is wonderful and to my ears would form the basis of a great song ( ballad ) if your trying to get a good string sound I think the only way is a good string software, I use miroslav philharmonik and think it’s great IMHO, it’s been used on loads of movies and it doesn’t cripple your HD…best to you , Kevin

Hi again…so been listening to that piece a few times and I would really like to work with it if you fancy a collab…I’ve got some song ideas for it…you may already have other ideas of course and if your not interested I respect your wishes, but if you are interested I would need the piece plus an 8 bar break that is slightly different ( chordwise ) but has the same feel, what you’ve done with the percussion I think is perfect for the feel of the piece but the end part would need a strengthening of the percussion so if you just run through the piece again but with an increase in percussion that would be great for the last verse, keeping the first piece intact of course…anyway, your probably not interested so just ignore me…good stuff though, best to you, Kevin

any questions pm me

I love many genres of music, but orchestra is definitely one that has so much to learn, but it’s all really fun ;D Just commenting on the reverb first; for orchestra you need to have a separate reverb on each section of the orchestra and use it as sends. The reason you do this is because of how the players are seated on the stage/recording environment. At a typical distance the string section at the front will have a pre-delay of 40ms, woodwinds 50ms, brass 60ms, percussion 80ms, choir 110ms.

The reason they need separate pre-delays for each section is because if they all have the same reverb with the same pre-delay then it sounds like every section/player is sat directly on top of each other which is physically impossible, but it just gives a more ‘muddy’ sound with less clarity to the individual parts.

There was a bit too much reverb on to be able to hear the harmonies or panning properly. But to begin with strings you should be having 5 sections; 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos, double bass. Although the double bass can sometimes be substituted for a bass guitar (Disney do this several times actually.)

Even if you want a pad kind of sound from the strings, it still sounds better to have them in their individual sections and that means a new track for each section panned something similar to;

So the above things are the first steps for now ;p

I liked the melody with that twinkly instrument and you could definitely develop and take that somewhere. Good going so far and keep at it :slight_smile:

Hi ethensight, got an email saying new private message has arrived but when i looked in control panel there was none so dunno if you sent one and it went wrong or what …so don’t think I’m not answering…Kevin

Nice, I quite like it.
Just listened to your 3 songs on youtube in a row, I think you’ve now finally convinced me to go to sleep :sunglasses:

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