First-time User, a Bit of Installation Woes

Hello :slight_smile:

So I bought the UR22mkII a while back, since my old M-Audio Firewire card was, well, Firewire, and I needed something I could use. Also, it came with Cubase AI, so I thought that was a nice deal.

Scroll forward… Holy moly, it’s been three years :smiley: I just went through all of this activation thingie with codes and serial numbers, and I installed the Steinberg Download Assistant as instructed.

Okay. So, first thing I went looking for was the settings, because my setup is that I have a small OS partition (30 GB) and a large data partition. I put only the absolutely necessary files on the OS drive, because I can then quickly do an image of that partition for backup and restore purposes. All secondary software goes on the data partition, drive D:. The Download Assistant had already installed on the C: drive without asking me, which is in itself a bit of a problem, and that would probably actually be my first question: How do I change the install location for the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Second question is how do I change the install location of downloaded software? Because I couldn’t see anywhere in settings to do this, so I went to google, and that gave me the impression that you would actually be given a chance before the installation started to select where the product would be installed. This didn’t happen, and again, Cubase AI just installed to drive C:

Third question is how do I get the software to actually create a link in the start menu? Cubase installed okay, it seems - again no interaction was offered, but no errors were produced either, and it did install to the drive and I can manually navigate to the installation folder and launch the exe, but this feels very early-90s to me, so I’m hoping this isn’t how Steinberg software is supposed to work these days? :confused:

The activation etc. worked fine as well, and Cubase itself also launches and runs fine, it seems. Just these three problems.

Am I just extremely unlucky, or is this actually how Steinberg does this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

30gb is really small. I keep all samples and content on a separate drive but I think 30gb is too small. I would t use anything less than 128gig for my system drive. I’m sure it will cause you problems