First time user here , ASIO or WASAPI

Im a complete novice when it comes to Spectral Layers so please bare with me .

I have done a little bit of research on the WASAPI but not a lot . Im just wondering about the audio i/o driver . Im using RME Asio but from some reports on the internet it seems that the WASAPI maybe more efficient than the Asio drivers .
Just wondering would this cause a conflict with opening SL in Cubase using different drivers ?

Which driver would you recommend to use for SL ?

Thanks for your time

The native ASIO drivers for your interface are almost always the best.

If you open SL in Cubase (as an ARA Extension) you don’t have to worry about SL’s audio device, as it will route its audio through Cubase.

There’s no pat answer to the “efficiency” question. There isn’t consistency in driver performance across apps; WASAPI will work better than ASIO in some apps but not in others. Sometimes ASIO will work better hands-down. You’ll just have to experiment.

Thanks everyone .
I obviously prefer the Rme Asio so thats how it will stay so thanks for the replies

The native ASIO drivers for your interface are almost always the best.

I’ve always thought so too. The new Focusrite ASIO driver for the USB Scarlett Gen2 and Gen3 may need some work, but no telling how long it will be before they issue an update. Would there be any reason to believe that the incompatibility might be with SL Pro 7? The Focusrite ASIO driver seems to work well with Wavelab Pro 10, however. In my case, when I select the Focusrite ASIO driver the audio output from SL goes to maximum, going back to WASAPI solves that problem.

Thanks for any help.

I have a Behringer interface. Most of the time I use the proprietary ASIO drivers with the interface, but not when I’m using Spectralayers. When I use Spectralayers as an external editor with Reaper, with both apps set to ASIO, I get playback issues with Spectralayers. When I set Spectralayers to WASAPI, however, the playback issues go away.

P.S. I’m not telling anyone to like my idea. I’m just telling everyone what I do to avoid a problem. :wink: