Fit to time function

Does anyone know how to replicate Sonar’s “Fit to time” function in Cubase?

Frankly, I don"t want it to be replicated in Cubase in any way : it’s one od the ‘feature’ that make me drop Sonar soon after buying it : it’s a mess, at least on 8.5 version.

Instead, the musical/linear timebase switch in Cubase is your friend… :wink:

We could give certainly you some ideas if you can describe what you want to do. Not being a Sonar user I’ve no idea what you’re asking…


Take a midi passage and Stretch it longer or shorter to fit a specific length of time. useful for film scoring

I would use the timestretch tool for that and grab one of the ends and stretch it. if it had to be stretched across between two specific time positions then I’d use the magnetic cursor or some such snap function. This seems very easy to me, and it’s something I use quite often myself. The timestretch tool is one of the options on the pointer tool.