Fitting More Music on Fewer Pages

I’m typesetting anthem textures with 2-staff choir and 3-staff organ.

I’m aware there is a way to change how many systems are on each page, but what if I want to override just one page to fit 3, or one to fit just one?

Well, this is what make into frame is for, in engrave mode… But I assume you already know those basic commands, so could you be more precise in your question and explain why you would not use them?

Sorry, I’d be happy to be a bit more specific.

Once I’ve fixed spacing in an individual system, usually it creates enough room at the bottom of the page for another system. Yet, when I look at the rest of the music, the program doesn’t “bump” music to fill in that space (from the next page). How do I do that?

I apologize if the answer is right in front of me. XD

If you’re fiddling with individual systems’ staff spacing on a regular basis, you could probably do with making some global changes in Layout Options > Vertical spacing.

The Casting Off feature is really designed for individual parts (with the same number of staffs on each system). Using it in scores with varying numbers of staves in a system leads to just the sort of headache you’ve mentioned!

Got it!

Dorico doesn’t change its mind about how much music can fit in a frame (or, if you prefer to think of it this way, on a page) even if you squeeze things together manually such that it looks like there is enough room for another system. In that circumstance, you do indeed need to use the Make Into Frame command to bring more music in.