Fix alignment with extensions in chord symbols

You should be able to align just the numbers of chord symbol extensions, not including any accidentals next to the extensions! Normally extension alignment works fine but when you have an accidental in front of one of the extensions its number then becomes unaligned with the numbers of the other extensions.

Do you mean that the horizontal alignment of the numbers changes when an accidental is visible, i.e. that the left-hand side of the extension number should be at the same position? This might be a case where a picture paints a thousand words!

Right now alignment looks like the example on the left, there should be an option to be able to make like how it is on the right.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 10.19.08 AM

I thought the opposite was true, that you wanted it to look like what was on the right (w/ the numbers aligned) rather than centered. I certainly would prefer the arrangement on the right if that is what you meant.

Select Center aligned here?

Did you see my comment demonstrating how what you just showed is the way I don’t want it to align?

Edit: Sorry I mixed the two up in my comment

@FredGUnn’s post seems to match up with your description here?

Or did you mix them up?

whoops I meant the other way around

If you didn’t know, you can edit a post by clicking the pencil icon. Of chords, it’s up to you though.

yeah that is what I meant my bad


yeah I mixed them up

I posted an image explaining now

The good news is that this is possible, the bad news is that it’s a PITA. You’ll have to do it by editing the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances, and I think you’ll have to do it for each root and suffix you want aligned. This obviously may be a lot. Another bummer is that the Edit Chord Symbol Component window isn’t really WYSIWYG, especially with stacked suffixes, so you’ll need to kind of ignore what it looks like in that window and just pay attention to the end result in the score. Once you have one positioned the way you want, you can take note of the settings and reuse them for all the other roots.

That particular suffix Dorico refers to as alteration.stack.1.primary.kAdd.11.kUnaltered.13.kFlat. It might be possible to write a doricolib file that will redefine the positioning of all of those, but I sorta doubt it as I’ve not been very successful with more complicated suffixes like that. I think Dorico will still build the stacked suffix from the individual components but I didn’t test this with your example.

I don’t even think a right-align option would help you much here either, because if you look at the example you posted, it’s not actually right-aligned. The 3 sticks out further to the right than the 1 does. I assume what you want is the 1 from the 13 and the first 1 of the 11 to be left-aligned together. I’m not quite sure how to even phrase that as a feature request.

Once you’ve gotten all the suffix positioning for all the roots the way you want, you can hit the Save as Default button so you’ll never have to do it again.