Fix: Audio interruption due to USB error is detected. (Windows)

Hello everyone,

same problem here. I tried fixing it with all the steps possible to me. Didn’t work.
Now I noticed that when I unplug my Asus Laptop so it runs on battery, the error is gone and it runs smoothly.
Anybody got an idea how to fix it so I can also use the interface while charging the laptop?

Glad this worked for you!

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Man I have fought a war on this for so long now! And the fix wa so damn simple on my behalf. Jeez.

So,I had to plug in the usb in a 2.0 port closest to the motherboard and change the setting in Cubase to 2.0 instead of the superspeed 3.1.

That’s it. Let me know if this helped!


Yep, same here. Some 2 years ago, using USB 2 Ports, I ran into all kinds of driver issues, rendering the UR totally unusable as my main audio interface. Ended up purchasing a different brand and used the UR 824 as slave via ADAT. Unfortunately the replacement audio interface started to develop issues also, so started to see if there was any updated info on the UR Series.

Found info on all types of recommendations’, from using USB 3 Ports to OS and UEFI optimisations’. A particular UEFI optimisation worked for a while, but then all the issues returned recently, after relocating the PC.

I was just about to give up, but thought, let me just try a USB 2 Port again. Just like yourself, low and behold, it worked.

It seems that different solutions, work for different PC environments.

UR 824
YSUSB V2.1.4

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Wow that’s completely nuts lad!
I’m glad to hear you worked it out in the end but it’s just crazy!
I hope this simple solution works for more people pulling their hair!

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  1. Set Motherboard XHCI mode to: MANUAL. **Dot not set it to: disable, enable, auto, smart auto!

but my motherboard XHCI only can set disable, enable

I have just spent days trying to figure out why I had a USB error. Brand new motherboard and processor. Existing Steinberg UR824 that I have never had problems with before. Followed all the steps in the article. Still had dropouts to the point of tearing my hair out (what’s left of it). DPC Latency checker is flat at 500 micro seconds, nothing showed in Windows event viewer. Was starting to think I had a hardware issue with the soundcard.
Finally Found out the Problem…LOOPBACK… was selected in the control panel for the UR824. The pop up is so small on my 4K monitor it was easy to miss.
I unchecked it and ever since (about 2 hours now) NO F****** Glitches.
Just had to feedback to this post, so that anyone visiting is aware of this little GEM of a mind warp that sent me round the twist…

Hi @Robert_Waldron, and welcome to the Steinberg forums.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Certainly another note to be added to the list of possible solutions.

It’s all a bit crazy really, how one small piece of software can cause the same abnormalities on the same or different speckled Pc’s, with varying remedies for the exact same problem.

In your case, there didn’t seem to be any system related issues, just a simple turn off with Loopback. This is definitely helpful information and could save hours/months of trouble shooting for someone else.

It sent me round the bend, but the upside from all those BIOS tweaks is the most stable platform ever, the latency on my system never goes above 0.5 milliseconds!

But to be caused by a toggle switch which measures 3mm across on my monitor, which is viewed from 1.5 meters is something else. Now I can start working again. Before, I was unable to do anything; as inconsistent drop outs are a mix engineers worst nightmare.

Thanks for the feedback, and hopefully my feedback might be of use should anybody else be in the same position.

This is the first time I have ever posted on a forum.



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Sorry for the late response. I actually got tired of fighting Cubase issues (mostly sound drop outs, requiring huge buffer levels, putting my notebook fans on max etc) and switched to Ableton. Anleton is totally painless, everything works smoothly.

Sorry to hear that.

Real shame really, Cubase is an awesome piece of software. At least you can make music now.

Good luck.

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Yo lo arregle, desinstalando del administrador de dispositivos (puertos com y lpt), todo lo que este en conflicto o desconocido :warning:

It seems I know how to cure a sound card. You need to download SDI Driverpack and update all drivers.
Today I updated Windows 7 to 10, installing the latest Steinberg driver - I also caught sound interruptions. I updated all the drivers with that program - there have been no sound interruptions for 3 hours (foobar2000 - desktop). Why did I think of updating the drivers? I recently bought a laptop, installed it with clean Windows and downloaded the drivers with that program. For 3 months, the Steinberg Ur12 never lost sound at all.

hello guys, i have read your suggestions and to be honest i am not going to change any bios settings because thats too much and i think there might be an other solution. So i recently got a new pc new hardware and everything and when i plug my ago3 yamaha mixing console and play spotify or anything that produces sound i get some sudden audio cuts, this also occures when i move my mouse aggresivelly, so i tried changing the yamaha steinberg usb driver and i found that with no driver there is no issue except for those static noises that the ago3 makes (witch is due to not having a driver). I really need help because i use this mixer for everything, had it for years and just now it started giving me problems. Thanks!

I have tried every single suggestion in this thread and nothing has worked.

I have had an UR12 for almost a decade now, been using it on a laptop, in which it sometimes dropped when doing cpu intensive tasks but I honestly thought that was normal.

I recently switched to a Windows 11 PC (ASUS B660M A D4 motherboard) and the audio drops are so constant it’s become useless. I changed every BIOS option, I updated every driver, and nothing has changed. Should I just give it up?

Edit: when I try the interface on the old laptop (also almost a decade old, Windows 10), it is much more stable. Is it possible that it is a motherboard issue? Or driver issue?

UPDATE: I fixed it thanks to this thread: UR22 mkII - Audio dropouts problem - #144 by Matthew_Cuomo

  • Change the Power management mode setting in the NVIDIA Control centre: change from Normal to Prefer maximum performance

  • I also disabled the Nvidia Virtual Audio Device

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Hi people, after messing around for days with none of the suggestions here working, I wanted to add another possible fix which I haven’t seen anywhere on Steinberg forums.

My issues with the USB error occurred in Ableton, especially with certain plugins, but also occasionally during Youtube playback, and certain games, causing stuttering, dropouts, etc. Latencymon did not show any issues and no setting in Windows or BIOS related to power management/CPU clock made any difference.

In my case, the problem appears to be related to the dedicated GPU (GTX 1080, or perhaps its drivers ) and from what I’ve seen this may affect different platforms (AMD/Intel). Either of the following steps solves the issue for me:

  • Physically removing the GPU (no real solution)
  • Disabling the GPU in the device manager (no real solution)
  • Changing PCIe mode in BIOS from Gen3/Gen4/Auto to Gen2 (may result in some performance loss for GPU/SSD)
  • Best fix for me: Setting my DAW to run on theinternal GPU (i.e. the GPU included on most CPUs) instead of the dedicated GPU. This can be done through Windows settings > System > Display > Graphics Settings. Choose the app and click “options”. You may need to enable your iGPU first via BIOS.

Side note: On AMD AM4 platforms (me: Gigabyte B450i), there are known issues with USB connectivity, some (but not all) are fixed through BIOS updates and chipset drivers. It did not solve the problem for me but worth ckecking out. (It somewhat changed the nature of the audio artifacts, so maybe its part of the solution)

hope it helps someone!

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I have had the same problem today, and here the problem has been solved downgrading the NVIDIA Studio Driver. The one with the problem is 555.99 version. I have installed instead of it, 546.33. Sure the more modern drivers of this 2024 years would not have problems but I have taken an older one just to be sure.
So NVIDIA, and its new and new and NEW drivers, should STOPPPPP.

Hope this helps too to other people.

UR44 (not C)
Windows 11
Audio crackle

If someone got this issue, here what you need to do :

  • set ur44 to usb2 port