Fix: Audio interruption due to USB error is detected. (Windows)

Hello everyone,

same problem here. I tried fixing it with all the steps possible to me. Didn’t work.
Now I noticed that when I unplug my Asus Laptop so it runs on battery, the error is gone and it runs smoothly.
Anybody got an idea how to fix it so I can also use the interface while charging the laptop?

Glad this worked for you!

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Man I have fought a war on this for so long now! And the fix wa so damn simple on my behalf. Jeez.

So,I had to plug in the usb in a 2.0 port closest to the motherboard and change the setting in Cubase to 2.0 instead of the superspeed 3.1.

That’s it. Let me know if this helped!


Yep, same here. Some 2 years ago, using USB 2 Ports, I ran into all kinds of driver issues, rendering the UR totally unusable as my main audio interface. Ended up purchasing a different brand and used the UR 824 as slave via ADAT. Unfortunately the replacement audio interface started to develop issues also, so started to see if there was any updated info on the UR Series.

Found info on all types of recommendations’, from using USB 3 Ports to OS and UEFI optimisations’. A particular UEFI optimisation worked for a while, but then all the issues returned recently, after relocating the PC.

I was just about to give up, but thought, let me just try a USB 2 Port again. Just like yourself, low and behold, it worked.

It seems that different solutions, work for different PC environments.

UR 824
YSUSB V2.1.4

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Wow that’s completely nuts lad!
I’m glad to hear you worked it out in the end but it’s just crazy!
I hope this simple solution works for more people pulling their hair!

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  1. Set Motherboard XHCI mode to: MANUAL. **Dot not set it to: disable, enable, auto, smart auto!

but my motherboard XHCI only can set disable, enable