[fix?] Closing panel unexpectedly restores project window!

I thought I had a neat way of running 1 monitor as 2 by using Minimise/Restore Window tied to keypresses, thereby being able to quickly switch between project view and mixing panels. The panels must have Always On Top set to off.

This almost works perfectly except for this behaviour:

  • After minimising the Project Window it remains current ([Edit] only by the keypress, not the [_] button).
  • At this point closing any of the panels restores the project window.
  • It doesn’t happen if the panel you close is set to Always On Top or if the minimised Project Window is no longer current.
  • [Edit] If you minimise with the [_] button, one of the revealed panels becomes current.

I think I might be able to sort this out with a macro but - at risk of restarting the window-handling debate - I thought it was “buggy” enough to mention.
[Edit] Minimise keypress was a step too far. [_] is better. Restore All keypress still needed, though.

Anyone able to confirm or care to comment? [Edit] Kinda sorted now. There don’t seem to be available focus commands for macros so not looking at that anymore.



Have you played around with Workspaces? They use ALt+keypad numbers to call up your choice of preset screen displays.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have played with Workspaces before but they seem to always remember the state of the window contents, which I wouldn’t want (in this case).

Well that’s been a useful exercise in the end and I think I have discovered a better way of doing this - using the [_] button to minimise. OP amended. Thanks for your intervention, parrotspain, it got me thinking.