Fix Marker and Chord Tracks from Scrolling [SOLVED]

I have a marker track and a chord track up at the top. I also have many other audio and midi tracks in my projects- usually grouped and arranged based on the nature of the instruments or voice. One project has 30 tracks or more. I do have a nice monitor but I can’t get all of the tracks in it without the need for scrolling.

I was wondering if there is a way to fix the marker and chord tracks so that no matter much I scroll up or down - the marker and chord track remain fixed in place at the top???

So no matter how much scroll up or down, looking through the tracks, the marker and chord are always the top 2 tracks I see. [Kind of like fixing top rows in a spreadsheet]


Yeah you can split the screen. Look on the left hand side, scroll bar area on the project window :slight_smile:

Thanks - Got iT!!