Fix Mixer Visibility issue for Sends and Groups

The feature “show channels for tracks with data between locators” has a big flaw, it forgets the sends and groups !
So if we’re mixing a chorus section and wanna focus on it, problem is we can’t see any of those groups and sends which do have DATA not as data on the arrangement view but data as audio signal coming through to the Master.

would love that fixed thanks !


The FX and Group channel would become shown, if there is any automation node in-between the locators.

Hi Martin it doesn’t work.
I tried writing automation for groups and for FX tracks and they still don’t show.
Plus it would be very inconvenient to have to create automation just to trigger visibility.
I think it would be simpler to add a condition such as :

  • IF track has data AND has sends THEN set such sends.visibility = on
  • IF track routing = group THEN set such group.visibility = on


I was wrong, it doesn’t work like this.

it’s ok, it could have been the case, I just hope Steinberg sees my post and fixes this as after rethinking it it still makes sense to include derived data not only direct track data.
Best of luck for your work Martin !